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Do you have a story you've been meaning to write down for your family? Have you wanted to write a letter to a particular person in your past, present, or future life? An inspiring teacher, a helpful neighbor, a past lover, an old friend, an estranged or deceased family member, a complete stranger? Know someone who needs to write that letter? I'd love to help you or your friend give the gift of a letter this holiday season. Maybe you need help pulling together your thoughts or crafting your words. Perhaps you just need accountability to do the work. 

I'm offering three one-hour private sessions at the holiday rate of $200 for the package. Or one hour for $75. Financially limited? Message me and we’ll figure out a plan:) I have room for 6 clients (remote or in person) this holiday season. Consider it a gift to both you and the story/letter recipient. Words can be healing for both. Email me at 


Writing to connect, heal, and transform…

Do you need help writing that birth story before you forget those precious moments?

Is there a key scene in your family history you want passed down in the (perhaps undetermined) future?

Maybe giving or asking forgiveness is on your heart. Is there a letter to a certain someone (maybe yourself) you need to write to lessen the load you carry?

Is your child’s adoption story something you want to write to share with him/her?

Are you struggling to compose your college personal essay or your new professional bio?

Is there an athletic or professional achievement that represents a breakthrough in your life you want to write to use for marketing purposes?

Perhaps you’ve experienced a loss (miscarriage, divorce, death, job) that needs to be acknowledged before you move on to the next chapter in your life.

Do you need help editing material, asking yourself the right questions, or publishing a piece?

I have 15 years of experience writing professionally and helping others process and write their stories. A few of the clients I have helped craft stories include: athletes, elderly, new mothers, teachers, new business owners, and college/graduate students. With almost 20 years of coaching and teaching, I provide my clients with the accountability and guidance they need to move forward. Let me help you craft your story.


One-on-one private coaching sessions.

"Two or three things I know for sure, and one of them is that to go on living I have to tell stories, that stories are the one sure way I know to touch the heart and change the world."

~ Dorothy Allison, Two or Three Things I Know for Sure


quote-topI didn't write because I didn't think I had a story to tell. Amanda showed me I have many stories to tell, and she continues to help me share them with others. I'm learning to communicate in ways I couldn't before.quote-bottom
~ Amelia Dickerson, Writer and visually impaired marathoner

quote-topI worked with Amanda on writing my bio for my work's website. Her open-ended, yet guided questions really helped me explore what I was trying to communicate. I felt comfortable and safe to share my story but at the same time felt challenged to tell it in the best voice I could. I'd wouldn't hesitate to work with Amanda, she has a unique talent at helping those around her turn disorganized thoughts and feelings into a beautiful piece of writing.quote-bottom
~ Sara Kadlec, Physician's Assistant

quote-topAmanda helped me write a letter for a teaching job I was applying for. Having never done it before I wanted it to both informative and concise for my prospective employer. She was patient with me in helping me with the flow of the letter and choice of words. Her support helped me feel confident through the process and the end result was perfect.quote-bottom
~ Sephra Albert, Massage therapist and anatomy instructor for yoga students

quote-topAmanda is a trustworthy teacher and her teaching style helped me succeed. She walks students through many steps in reviewing their papers and then gives feedback. This way helped me to improve my word choice and overall control of the English language. Amanda is really great at detecting a student’s weakness and giving the student useful exercises to improve that particular weakness. I had a great experience with Amanda.quote-bottom
~ Reham, Graduate student from Saudi Arabia

quote-topAs I was creating content to launch my website, Amanda did a fantastic job helping me with editing my blogs and newsletters. She was timely, insightful and my writing was significantly improved after her input. I had full confidence when I published my articles! Thanks Amanda, I would recommend you in a heartbeat!quote-bottom
~ Heidi Smith, Health and wellness coach

quote-topI loved Amanda’s suggestion of giving the gift of a letter. I did this for my daughter when she turned 20 this December and it was her favorite gift. I loved the guidance on how to pull out information and memories so that it was special.quote-bottom
~ Julie Perrington

"If you don’t feel like you are writing somewhat over your head, why do it?"

~ John Irving





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