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illustration of lungs and outline of body

Can You Freeze Your Lungs, Zappos

pic of bike tire with guy's face in background

New Year's Best advice for runners?, Zappos, January 2019

person tending to elderly person

The Caregiver’s Grief Process — Before and After a Loved One Dies, Great Western, December 2018

grief image of sad man

Complicated Grief: How to Cope with Death, Great Western, December 2018

woman in pink sure rowing boat

A Healing Journey, Heal, Fall 2018

woman stretching hip

Hip Pain Is Becoming An Epidemic Among Young, Fit Women, Women's Health, September 2018

shoes for knee pain zappos logo

Recommended Shoes and Exercises for Those Suffering from Knee Pain, Zappos, 2018

you are what you wear - zappos

Been sitting cross-legged all day? Do these three exercises before you run, Zappos, June 2018

you are what you wear - zappos

Chris Evert Today: The Tennis Icon Dishes Out Advice On Hope, Respect—and Menopause, NextTribe, June 2018


Seeing-Eye Runner, Folks, May 2018


Numerology: Inhale...Exhale, Elevation Outdoors, April 2018


Becky Haddad’s 30-Year Fight with Breast Cancer, 5280, October 2017


8 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Body, Motiv Running, October 2017


Self-Massage Tips for Runners, Motiv Running, August 2017


The Do's and Don't's of Receiving a Massage, Motiv Running, July 2017


How can mindfulness help my triathlon performance?, 220 Triathlon, June 2017


Friendly competition: It's not a contradiction, ESPN, July 2016


2016 Running Gear Guide: Recovery, Competitor Magazine, February 2016

self massage

Self Massage Tips for Runners, Competitor Magazine, September 2014

vocal cord

Exercises for Those Suffering Vocal Cord Dysfunction, Running Times, November 2013

vocal cord

Vocally Distressed, Runner's World, December 2013


Race for Your Libido, Competitor Magazine, May 2013


Second Skin, Women's Running, July/August 2012

how menstruation affects your running, amanda mccracken

How Menstruation Affects Your Running, Running Times, April 2011

Cold Bad for Your Lungs, Amanda Mccracken

Is Running in the Cold Bad for Your Lungs?,

Stay on Top of Anemia, Amanda Mccracken

How to Stay on Top of Anemia,


3 exercises to train your mind, Amanda Mccracken

3 Exercises to Train Your Mind,

How to control your breathing, Amanda Mccracken

How to Control Your Breathing in Training and Competition,


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