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abstract women's head with pony tail and red hard over brain

There’s a word for obsessive longing and rumination — ‘limerence’ — and it can ruin your productivity and relationships, CNBC, March 2024

abstrack pink woman hugging white male shape

Is It a Crush or Have You Fallen Into Limerence? The New York Times, January 2024

woman running next along ocean on trail

What Travel Running Means to Me: A Personal Essay, Women's Running, November 2023

amanda husband toddler in camper van looking out

My husband and I traveled cross-country in a camper van with our toddler. We were surprised just how hard it was. Business Insider, October 2023


amanda running with flatirons in background

Can a Race be a Transformative Spiritual Event?Women's Running, May 2023

runner celebrating in folsom stadium approaching finish in bolder boulder

How the Bolder Boulder 10K Became One of the World’s Most Cherished Road Races, Outside, April 2023

women runners 1970s tinted blue

Oral Histories: Documenting the Voices of Female Distance Running, Women's Running, March 2023

two females in dresses

My best friend and I have kids 17 years apart. Turns out parental age plays only a minor role in how we parent our daughters — here's what matters most. Insider, November 2022

iranian woman running with banner

A Voice For Iranian Women: Maryam Naghavi ran New York City Marathon to Protest the Violation of Human Rights in Iran, Women's Running, November 2022

shore line with ocean

Plan Your Next Restorative Training Getaway, Women's Running, October 2022

three shadows of women running

Should You Alter Your Period to Perform Better? Women's Running, Septemeber 2022

bride and groom kissing on a ski lift

After a Fire, Rebuilding What Matters, The New York Times, September 2022

tattoed woman massaging feet

Massage: The Best 50 Minutes You’ll Ever Spend As A Runner, Women's Running, September 2022

amanda asleep with baby in arms also sleeping

Liz and Eilish McColgan Both Won 10,000m Titles 30 Years Apart, Women's Running, August 2022

tour de france women celebrating

The Tour de France finally features women again — after 33 years, The Washington Post, July 2022

amanda asleep with baby in arms also sleeping

I had my first baby at age 42. Yes, I'm an 'old mom,' but I'm a better parent because of it. Insider, May 2022

rojas running

3 Pro Runners and the Fast Women Who Raised Them, Women's Running, May 2022

dominique scott running

Women Run the World: Dominique Scott and Going Beyond Her Comfort Zone Women's Running, April 2022

bride holding colorful boquet

Bountiful Bridal Bouquets, Boulder Home + Garden, Spring 2022

wrinkled sheets and pillow on bed

Is the Next Phase of Sex Positivity Choosing Not to Have Sex? Vogue, April 2022

drawing of abstract person with heart holding up smaller person

How to Love Yourself For Real, According to Therapists, Self, March 2022

Amanda and dave at a cadaver lab with masks on

I had a Valentine's date with my now-husband at a cadaver lab. It was more romantic than I expected and connected us on a deeper level. Insider, February 2022

houses standing in background with burned houses in the forefront

First they fled, now they grieve: How parents are surviving the Colorado wildfires, The Washington Post, January 2022

massage therapist massaging a person's back

Full Knead Ahead: Why a Massage Should Be a Runner’s Recovery Method of Choice, Greatist

women holding red flowers at midline

It's safe for some people to stop their periods completely, and it may even be beneficial, some doctors say, Insider, November 2021

woman rowing

In Tahiti, women are rocking the boat, National Geographic, September 2021

closeup of baby nursing

For Breastfeeding Moms Choosing a Covid Vaccine, The J&J Shot Offers the Lowest Chance of Passing on Antibodies, Romper, August 2021

women looking into distance

How the pandemic got us addicted to longing – and why it’s bad for us, The Guardian, June 2021

women running black and white 1972

New York City’s first road race since the pandemic is women-only. 3,000 runners will carry on a storied legacy. The Lily, June 2021

young boy in mask carrying paper bags and wearing green wagon shirt

Pandemic Projects Enhance Boulder Communities, Boulder Magazine, Winter/Spring 2020-2021

Nell Rojas jumping

Local Would-be Tokyo Olympians Discuss How It Feels to Be On Hold. Boulder Magazine, Winter/Spring 2020-2021

women with flags

Stirring the Pot, Aurora Guide, April 2021

baby resting on mama's chest

Why You Might Want To Breastfeed Longer If You Get Covid, Or The Vaccine, Romper, April 2021

drawing of hands with beaming crystal above them

‘Healing’ crystals are having a pandemic moment. But science says they’re just pretty stones. The Washington Post, March 2021

aliphine running

When the Olympics were postponed, marathoner Aliphine Tuliamuk decided to get pregnant. She’s still competing in 2021. The Lily, December 2020

french polynesian woman with flowers in hair

Ecotourism and Adventure in French Polynesiatirring the Pot, World Nomads, November 2020

cartoon of man with wings and ski poles

10 Things to Help You Get Through the Pandemic Into the Fall, The Washington Post Magazine, August 2020

man on stationary bike who is being tested for asthma with breathing mask on

A Young Athlete's Breathing Problems Weren't Asthma. What Were They? NPR, August 2020

couple dancing

Dancing Is Good for Your Brain, AARP, June 2020

couple with their dog

Why You Should Be Writing, Aging At Altitude, Daily Camera, June 2020

amanda in wedding dress in hospital bed with grandma

Finally, a Wedding. It Was About Time. The New York Times, June 2020

drawing of person lying down and hands massaging back of head

Knead those knots away, The Washington Post, June 2020

writing with ultrasound pics

Corona-Canceled Weddings Are Changing Women’s Pregnancy Plans, Glamour, May 2020

colorful veggies

How Diet Impacts Climate Change, Boulder County Home and Garden, Spring 2020

tree in shape of face

Trees are Talking...And We Should Listen, Boulder County Home and Garden, Spring 2020

change of plans bride magazine pic of amanda and dave

Change of Plans: A Third Wedding Date and a Plus One, Brides, April 2020

mortality black and white headshot

Researcher on aging confronts his own mortality, The Washington Post, March 2020

woman swimming with cap and goggles

Couple still aboard the Grand Princess describe confusion and anger, SFGATE, March 2020

black and white building

Who do you see? Improving Diversity in the Sport of U.S. Trail Running, Zappos, March 2020

woman with life jacket on boat with blue hat

Four Trials Qualifiers Give Tips for Being Environmentally Friendly Runners, Runner's World, February 2020

woman swimming with cap and goggles

Healthy Strokes, Costco Connection, January 2020

black and white building

A building you’ve possibly never seen, Boulder Magazine, Winter/Spring 2019-20

man with beard in glasses an black shirt

Accessible Art, Boulder Magazine, Winter/Spring 2019-20

sara davidson headshot

Taking Names, Boulder Magazine, Winter/Spring 2019-20

women's bike pro racers

What’s the best way to grow women’s pro road racing? We asked the experts, VeloNews, September 2019

chloe dygert owen headshot in biking kit

How Chloe Dygert Owen overcomes her self-doubt, VeloNews, August 2019

emma arms outstretched on bike

Q&A: Emma White talks 2020 Olympics, Hot Tubes, and Kelly Catlin, VeloNews, August 2019

women biker riding with mountains in background

Colorado Classic: Riders discuss the advantages of a stand-alone women’s race, VeloNews, August 2019

marianne martin

Why Female Cyclists Focused on Equal Pay Are ‘Shooting Themselves in the Foot’, Bicycling, August 2019

marianne martin

Q&A: Marianne Martin won the first women’s Tour de France 35 years ago, VeloNews, July 2019

woman talking

Fighting Food Debt, Boulder Magazine, Summer 2019


I Waited Until I Was 41 To Lose My Virginity. But Was It Worth it? HuffPost, February 2020

ross headshot

Ross Edgley's Totally Mind-Blowing Swim Feat, Ironman, March 2019

gregory headshot

This Billboard Indie Folk Musician is Also Farm Folk, Modern Farmer, March 2019

illustration of lungs and outline of body

Can You Freeze Your Lungs, Zappos, February 2019

pic of bike tire with guy's face in background

New Year's Best advice for runners?, Zappos, January 2019

person tending to elderly person

The Caregiver’s Grief Process — Before and After a Loved One Dies, Great Western, December 2018

grief image of sad man

Complicated Grief: How to Cope with Death, Great Western, December 2018

pic of bike tire with guy's face in background

Pick Your Pedal Power, Boulder Magazine, Winter/Spring 2018-19

business profile flatirons subaru

Little Bird is Perched, Boulder Magazine, Winter/Spring 2018-19

pics of people in boxes

It's in the Box, Outdoor Retailer, Summer 2018

woman in pink sure rowing boat

A Healing Journey, Heal, Fall 2018

people running inthe dark with shoe lights

DIY Running Retreat, Women's Running, October 2018

tread on bottom of shoe

What's grip got to do with it?, Zappos, October 2018

man with carbon halo

He had a carbon halo bolted to his skull. Now he’s competing as an Ironman again. Washington Post, October 2018

people running inthe dark with shoe lights

Running Safety 101, Women's Running, September 2018

woman stretching hip

Hip Pain Is Becoming An Epidemic Among Young, Fit Women, Women's Health, September 2018

shoes for knee pain zappos logo

Recommended Shoes and Exercises for Those Suffering from Knee Pain, Zappos, 2018

business profile flatirons subaru

Business Profile: Flatirons Subaru, Boulder Magazine, Fall 2018

you are what you wear - zappos

Chris Evert Today: The Tennis Icon Dishes Out Advice On Hope, Respect—and Menopause, NextTribe, June 2018

you are what you wear - zappos

Joint Account: Tennis champion Chris Evert offers her advice to keep joints healthy and active, Costco Connection, June 2018

you are what you wear - zappos

Been sitting cross-legged all day? Do these three exercises before you run, Zappos, June 2018

you are what you wear - zappos

You are what you wear, Zappos, May 2018


Seeing-Eye Runner, Folks, May 2018


Numerology: Inhale...Exhale, Elevation Outdoors, April 2018

running woman with headphones in pink sports bra

4 hill workout variations to build strength, speed and good form, Motiv Running, November 2017


I’m 39. My grandmother is 99. And we have many of the same hopes and fears. The Washington Post, November 2017


Becky Haddad’s 30-Year Fight with Breast Cancer, 5280, October 2017


Speedwork in Disguise,


How Rituals Could Help You Win, Outside Magazine, October 2017


8 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Body, Motiv Running, October 2017


Freezing Temps and Rotting Hands: Speaking With the Men of the Record-Breaking Polar Row Expedition, Men's Journal, September 2017


Self-Massage Tips for Runners, Motiv Running, August 2017


Smoked Silver: How Schematic Patterns Affect Vocabulary, TESOL Connections, August 2017


The Do's and Don't's of Receiving a Massage, Motiv Running, July 2017


Matt Moseley's Caribbean Crossing Ends with "The Hardest Swim of My Life", Men's Journal, July 2017


Endurance Swimmer Matt Moseley Rocks First Leg, Makes it to St. Thomas, Men's Journal, July 2017


Matt Moseley, the "Uniquely Joyful" Long Distance Swimmer Attempts a Caribbean Crossing, Men's Journal, July 2017


How can mindfulness help my triathlon performance?, 220 Triathlon, June 2017

guide marathoner

What I Learned About Trust From Guiding a Marathoner, Runner's World, December 2016


Friendly competition: It's not a contradiction, ESPN, July 2016


Alisha Williams Puts Corporate Career on Hold for Run, Competitor, June 2016


Catch Her If You Can, AARP, April 2016


Guiding Amelia, Competitor Magazine, March 2016


Pacing with a Partner,, Spring 2016


2016 Running Gear Guide: Recovery, Competitor Magazine, February 2016

Imposter, Poser, or a Real Runner?

Imposter, Poser, or a Real Runner? The Boulder Running Journal, December 2015


Time to train for an Ironman?,, October 2015

Atomic Bomb Survivors, The World Post, McCracken

Atomic Bomb Survivors Share Testimonies & Reflections While Visiting Pearl Harbor, The World Post, August 2015

are we entitled to sex

Are we entitled to sex? Aljazeera America, May 2015

christianity today amanda mccracken

When True Love Keeps Waiting, Christianity Today, April 2015


The Feminist Virgin, Elle (Singapore), September 2014


The Feminist Virgin, Elle (Hungary), September 2014

virgin elle

The Feminist Virgin, ElleUK, September 2014

self massage

Self Massage Tips for Runners, Competitor Magazine, September 2014

harvey lewis

The Crazy Running Life Of Harvey, Competitor Magazine, August 2014


Left Brain/Right Brain Aspen, Cowboys & Indians, May/June 2014


A Matter of Perspective, Triathlete, May 2014


World Marathon Majors 2014 Season Kicks Off in Japan, Running Times, February 2014

mr right

The 'Right Guy' Is Hard to Find (and That's Why I'm Still a Virgin at 35), Glamour, January 2014


Vail Offers Options For All Seasons, Cowboys & Indians, December 2013


Does My Virginity Have a Shelf Life? New York Times, November 2013

vocal cord

Exercises for Those Suffering Vocal Cord Dysfunction, Running Times, November 2013

vocal cord

Vocally Distressed, Runner's World, December 2013


Race for Your Libido, Competitor Magazine, May 2013


Runaway, Women's Running, Nov/Dec 2012


Second Skin, Women's Running, July/August 2012


David Rudisha Reflects On 800m World Record,, August 2012

More than just numbers, Amanda Mccracken

Janet Cherobon-Bawcom Chasing Her American Dream, Competitor Magazine, January 2012

how menstruation affects your running, amanda mccracken

How Menstruation Affects Your Running, Running Times, April 2011

More than just numbers, Amanda Mccracken

More than just numbers, Triathlete, June 2008

Powerful women athletes, Amanda Mccracken

Powerful women athletes, Women's Magazine, December 2008

Tough women, Amanda Mccracken

Tough women: The model survivors, Women's Magazine, November 2008

Just tri it, Amanda Mccracken

Just tri it, Women's Magazine, March 2009

Gentle toughness, Amanda Mccracken

Gentle toughness, Women's Magazine, January 2009

BeadforLife, Amanda Mccracken

BeadforLife, Women's Magazine, February 2009

Cold Bad for Your Lungs, Amanda Mccracken

Is Running in the Cold Bad for Your Lungs?,

Mix Up Your Treadmill Routine, Amanda Mccracken

3 Workouts to Mix Up Your Treadmill Routine,

Ironman, Amanda Mccracken

Should You Run a Marathon in Preparation for an Ironman?,

Stay on Top of Anemia, Amanda Mccracken

How to Stay on Top of Anemia,

Perfect Practice, Amanda Mccracken

Perfect Practice: Train to Race,

What Are You Training For, Amanda Mccracken

What Are You Training For?,

Roll your aches away, Amanda Mccracken

Roll Your Aches Away,

3 exercises to train your mind, Amanda Mccracken

3 Exercises to Train Your Mind,

How to control your breathing, Amanda Mccracken

How to Control Your Breathing in Training and Competition,

5 little things that make a big difference on race day, Amanda Mccracken

5 Little Things That Make a Big Difference on Race Day,

Should you do an ironman triathlon

Should You Do an Ironman Triathlon?,


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