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woman running next along ocean on trail

What Travel Running Means to Me: A Personal Essay, Women's Running, November 2023

amanda husband toddler in camper van looking out

My husband and I traveled cross-country in a camper van with our toddler. We were surprised just how hard it was. Business Insider, October 2023

shore line with ocean

Plan Your Next Restorative Training Getaway, Women's Running, October 2022

woman rowing

In Tahiti, women are rocking the boat, National Geographic, September 2021

women with flags

Stirring the Pot, Aurora Guide, April 2021

drawing of hands with beaming crystal above them

‘Healing’ crystals are having a pandemic moment. But science says they’re just pretty stones. The Washington Post, March 2021

french polynesian woman with flowers in hair

Ecotourism and Adventure in French Polynesiatirring the Pot, World Nomads, 2020


Freezing Temps and Rotting Hands: Speaking With the Men of the Record-Breaking Polar Row Expedition, Men's Journal, September 2017


Matt Moseley's Caribbean Crossing Ends with "The Hardest Swim of My Life", Men's Journal, July 2017


Endurance Swimmer Matt Moseley Rocks First Leg, Makes it to St. Thomas, Men's Journal, July 2017


Matt Moseley, the "Uniquely Joyful" Long Distance Swimmer Attempts a Caribbean Crossing, Men's Journal, July 2017


Left Brain/Right Brain Aspen, Cowboys & Indians, May/June 2014




World Marathon Majors 2014 Season Kicks Off in Japan, Running Times, February 2014


Vail Offers Options For All Seasons, Cowboys & Indians, December 2013


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