I provide clients with an individually tailored session in a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters trust and endows clients with a better understanding of their own body. I approach each session with a genuine curiosity about the individual beyond the body.

The best way to describe my style is "Integrative". I use a combination of neuromuscular therapy techniques, breath work, and medium to deep Swedish strokes. Ultimately the session belongs to the client. I encourage clients to play an integral role in their sessions and encourage feedback.

I have paired my in-class studies with hands-on work in the community. Through these experiences I have developed different techniques and approaches (communicative and physical) to best provide for the client. As a 2007 graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy, I received over 1,000 hours of practical and academic training.


"A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools."

~ Spanish proverb



Pricing for Individual Visits

60 minute session $80
90 minute session $110
60 minute instruction $65
5 pack $350
In-home massage $100

Special Events

Wedding event massage - $80/hour plus cost of transportation outside of Boulder County

School sports team massage - $80/hour plus cost of transportation outside of Boulder County

Specials sponsored groups $75/hour or $350/5 punch pass




We take our cars go in for an oil change every 3 months. Don't we depend on our bodies more? When is the last time you took your body in for a tune-up?



Swedish massage

is what is traditionally thought of as an overall relaxing massage using light to medium pressure, long smooth strokes and kneading to stimulate circulation, ease sore muscles and encourage overall healing. Often this style is used to flush toxins out of the body.

Sports & Orthopedic

massage is for athletes and/or those recovering from an injury or suffering from chronic pain. To address the concerns of each body, I use a variety of techniques including: postural analysis, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching, and muscle energy techniques. I also help the athlete address mental issues involved in healing.


massage offers moms a chance to decrease anxiety and physical stress on the body during and after pregnancy. Because babies experience touch in utero as early as seven weeks, massage is a safe way to positively affect the growth of the baby during all three trimesters of pregnancy. It is also a great way for moms to take time out to attend to and speed their recovery. I use special techniques to address back, belly, rib and hip pain.

Wedding Event massage

I work on guests at wedding receptions and the bridal party before the wedding.

School Sports Team massage

I work on individual athletes for 15-20minutes at a time (often the team pitches in 1/2 the fee and the parents the other 1/2).

Benefits of Massage

Improves posture
Increases rate of recovery
Lowers stress hormones
Improves body image
Enhances immune function
Increases pulmonary function
Stimulates endorphin production

Scented oils and hot towel treatments available upon request!

















quote-topI went to see Amanda after working at a race (providing acupuncture for 50 women in 5 hours). Needless to say, I definitely needed a massage! My body was a mess. Particularly my neck, shoulders, and upper back were in need of her work. This was my first time receiving massage from Amanda, and I simply LOVED IT! I felt significantly better after she worked on me. Thank you for taking such good care of me Amanda.quote-bottom
~ Tyler Stroebel, Licensed acupuncturist and runner

quote-topThe massages that Amanda has provided have been very beneficial for both pre-race (triathlon) and off season conditioning. Amanda is very communicative and allows you to manage the amount of pressure used in the different muscle groups. I immediately felt better after my first session and honestly thought I raced better. I highly recommend her.quote-bottom
~ Warren Schuckies, Ironman athlete and former Boulder Tri-Club VP

quote-topThanks again for the session yesterday; I really think it helped. Because of your thoughts regarding the location of that bruise, last night Dave and I looked up peroneal injuries and got some useful info. I think you were right on--that it's not the IT Band that has been problematic at all. Dave put resistance against my foot while I was trying to point it as suggested in the article, and the action triggered that response...which explains why I've felt it occasionally swimming, because of the kicking action. So, it was really a relief, actually, to get a better understanding of what could be going on! I think for now monitoring it and maybe trying to get more regular massage sessions should keep it progressing/healing on the right track...I hope!quote-bottom
~ Wendy McMillan, Ironman athlete and writer


quote-topI went to see Amanda after I started having pain in my rib area and middle back due to my pregnancy. Amanda spent the time to make sure I was comfortable and was able to work through the areas that were giving me so much trouble. I don’t know what I would have done without her! A few days after my son was born, I could hardly hold him because I did something to my back during delivery. Amanda made a special house call to get me back into shape, so that I could enjoy my new baby. I highly recommend Amanda for pre and post natal massages – she was so valuable to me and now that I am working out again, I will definitely be back in to see her.quote-bottom
~ Danielle Belin, Mother of two and marathoner


quote-topWhen I first saw Amanda for massage, I was shocked at how much time she took to understand my needs - AMAZING personal care! My body's notorious for tightening up instantly, most often finding myself as tight as a pickle jar....not comfortable at all. Amanda's attention, in combination with focusing on making sure I understood & could feel the work being done was exceptional! Noticeable results are Key; if you're in need, someone who cares & pays attentions makes all the difference! Thanks Amanda!"quote-bottom
~ Craig David, D3 Multisport's elite triathlon team nutritionist


quote-topWe all appreciate the wonderful care you gave our mother. You greatly improved her quality of life and we are grateful for that.quote-bottom
~ Steve (whose mother had Alzheimer’s and for whom I gave regular massages for three years)


quote-topAmanda has helped keep my body healthy running up and down mountains on a daily basis. She has helped flush out my body of tightness, and provide fascia release to prevent injury. I appreciate her expertise in the sport of running so she always knows exactly what I need as a runner.quote-bottom
~ Ted Romero, Athletic trainer and ultra marathoner, Leadville and Bighorn 100 mile finisher



quote-topI met Amanda many years ago when she expressed an interest in offering massage to elders living in the facility I was managing. Amanda has the ability of being really present with whatever she is focused on. Be it coaching women in running skills, writing an insightful article or working with students for whom English is a second or third language. When you work with elders being present is so essential. Amanda absolutely delights in connecting with and affirming the senior she is interacting with. She has a very special relationship to the elders in her own family. That keen appreciation and respect is brought into all her interactions with elders. This is crucial especially if they are challenged with memory concerns. When you are bringing a service, one that will touch the person, you need to build rapport easily. You can't be sticky sweet because elders become immediately suspicious. You need to be warm, natural, open and interested; they will feel all that and welcome what you are bringing. Amanda's knowledge and quality of touch is certain and splendid. Our elders, as well as staff, loved receiving her massage work! She learned many things working with our elders, and they were gifted by her genuine delight in connecting to each of them.quote-bottom

~ Megan Carnarius, Principle of Memory Care Consulting, LLC


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